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One of the basic principles of cloud security is the Principle of Least Privilege. The idea is simple: give every user or process the minimal amount of permissions that are required to get job done.

Let’s say you’d like the following:

How do you go about doing that? Well ordinarily what’s a simple undertaking is a bit monkey wrench’d by the issues posed by Federated users.

cppcheck was utilized for the purposes of this learning exercise; Output in the Appendix of the Page (Static Code Analysis output of TinyVM and FreeRDP)

GitHub Projects:
FreeRDP —

TinyVM —

FreeRDP Observations

The code *((trio_long_double_t *)target) = infinity; encased in the following block:

if (flags & FLAGS_LONGDOUBLE) {

*((trio_long_double_t *)target) = infinity;


returns a “Possible null pointer deference: target” cppcheck error message because of the negligence to add a block check for null before accessing the variables involved in the operation. …

Ramsey Elbasheer

Data Scientist

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